Raspberry Pi Ordered and Shipped

Scout's shock

My initial reaction to actually being able to buy a Raspberry Pi

The impossible has happened.

The Raspberry Pi that I wished to buy back in February finally became available. The order has been made, and it is now due to arrive in mid-September, 7 months after the initial hysteria.

Since my first blog posts, I have seen a lot of search queries bringing people to this site, primarily “Raspberry Pi peripherals”, “Raspberry Pi Dwarf Fortress”, and “Raspberry Pi porn”. The half-joke post about peripherals needs to be revisited, since I have paid 65 dollars for the unit, shipping, power supply, and HDMI cable so far. I have plans to use an SD card and keyboard already in my possession, but the price is still much greater than the advertised “35$”.
This unit will have all of the processing power of a Pentium II 233. Anyone familiar with Dwarf Fortress will know that an overclocked 3rd gen i7 will belch black smoke and reach temperatures of 200 degrees F if you run a 6X6 embark zone and decide to crack hell. The Raspberry Pi will likely be capable of a 1X1 embark zone capped at 30 dwarves, not cracking the first cavern. It is a gutless machine, and Dwarf Fortress has higher processor demands than a next-gen Crysis game.
As for porn, I have just read that the most popular browser in terms of small footprint, Chromium, doesn’t run that great on Raspberry Pi. Javascript and Flash are probably brutal on the processor, so unless you have a time machine that transports you back to 2002, browsing internet porn will be a low possibility.

It’s disappointment after disappointment with this thing. I bought into the novelty of the device after seeing articles of how it can control LEDs and educate children to make future programmers, neither of which I give a crap about. I intend to create an always-on emulation machine, which I will likely use twice at parties before forgetting about it and going back to dorfing on my main rig.

Unlike the computers I currently use, this one is only able to be used via an HDMI cable, which means that I will likely be dicking around on a TV and typing lines of text 700 characters wide – hardly a benefit. I’m skeptical and negative at the moment, but oddly hopeful about this little machine. We’ll see how things turn out once it’s actually in my possession.

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