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kim_has_the_clapMy lovely fascination with North Korea has been dwindling lately. Every news article follows the same pattern of addressing a current situation, reminding Americans that North Korea is a nuclear state, including the term “bellicose rhetoric”, and generally closing with “North Korea and South Korea are still technical at war, as hostilities only ended in an armistice”.
CNN is the only news outlet which has doubled-down on North Korea, and still reports on every one of their actions, but their articles are nothing more than rehashes of the pattern mentioned in the previous paragraph. For example;

North Korea condemns American joint military operations with the South. North Korea tested their 3rd nuclear weapon in February, amid high tensions in the region. Senior American officials dismissed the condemnations as “bellicose rhetoric”. North Korea has yet to return to the negotiations table, which worries many analysts as the Korean War ended in an armistice, not a peace treaty.

Same ol’ pattern with nothing new to the situation. The comment sections will always bring up how North Korean artillery can/cannot reach Seoul and how America is/isn’t at risk of a No-Dong missile. Someone brings up human rights issues, and some armchair patriot will make a quip about blowing up their country.

Much how most nations have economies dependent on oil, North Korea is dependent on attention. It is a 13 year old girl – emotionally fragile, mentally unstable, and unable to function unless someone somewhere is looking at it. They need attention, but rather than inviting some more Dennis Rodman’s to the country, or claiming to have invented hamburgers, they fall back on methods that were effective in the past. These methods of either blowing something up or threatening to blow something up have yielded zero results

The world’s soap opera nation has jumped the shark and is now faced with cancellation unless they can boost their ratings. So here’s what they need to do; stream their state-run media and charge people to watch it.
They get the delicious attention they crave, CNN gets their fresh talking points, everybody has a laugh, and North Korea pulls some money to spend on buying food for the populus (Just kidding. We all know it’s champagne money for the ruling elite).
After closing down joint ventures with the South, and pissing all over the hospitality of Chinese investors by seizing everything and kicking them out of the country, they really need to do something different, and NKTV is exactly that.

North Korea and South Korea are still technically at war, as no formal peace treaty has been signed.

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