This Garbage Post Belongs on Facebook

I was dead-set on making a sandwich for dinner tonight, but ending up burning the last two pieces of bread while toasting them because I was engrossed by a video about a salt mine and lost track of time. The resulting carbon wafers went into the trash.
All of the sandwich ingredients were already laid out on the cutting board, and I was sure as hell not going to NOT eat a sandwich, so those ingredients all found their way into a bowl and were mixed with mayonnaise. In most countries, meat, cheese, and a bit of lettuce mixed with mayonnaise would be considered gross. In America, it is known as a “salad”.
Before you pretend to be disgusted, think back to the last time you ate a macaroni “salad”. My “salad” at least had lettuce. Also it was fantastic and I made seconds but added mustard and tomato to the second one.

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