Handling Wrapping With Japanese (and all CKJ) Text

For most situations, the answer is an easy one: CSS’s word-break: break-word;It works well for both Japanese and English.That’s all you need. This isn’t a recipe website and you don’t need to scroll down. IE Support If you need IE support, you won’t be able to use word-break: break-word; You will be stuck with CSS’s […]

Pros and Cons

It’s important to have a range of experiences in order to know just how good or how bad a situation is. Think of the child that refuses to eat new foods and instead will only eat chicken nuggets with ketchup. By avoiding new foods, they lock themselves into believing that the mediocracy of the chicken […]

The Myths of SEO

Saying “I know SEO” is disingenuous. The only people who “know SEO” are the engineers who write the ever-changing search engine algorithms that determine which sites have “good SEO” and which sites don’t. Yet, we have so many self-proclaimed SEO experts offering their services. How did we get to this point? In the past, it […]

Shitty Jobs

I hope you eat tiny balls of shit that look like Cocoa-Puffs for the rest of your life.